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Alwin Millie | Oct 29, 2020

With the ever-growing online business, there is a need for a website. It is a typical task even for the developers to design a website with all the features, then WordPress has arrived to ease your task. Even WordPress demands specific skills and their WordPress page builders come in to bring your imaginations on to the screen. 

Elementor is one of the WordPress page builder plugins that ease switching between editing and preview mode. This elementor works with almost all WordPress themes. Know more about Elementor and its remarkable features in this review.

About Elementor

It is the leading website builder platform that professionals can use. Elementor caters to the needs of web professionals, including developers, designers, and marketers. It is one of the open-source, GPLv3 licensed platform offering free and premium services. It has over 5,000,000 active installs. It offers a flawless workflow for the designers. 

Elementor is appreciated by:

Content writers and bloggers to create rich content

Developers love to extend Elementor’s visual functionality instead of spending hours together on theme files

Marketers can build and manage high converting websites with various marketing efforts. 

Best Wordpress Page Builders

Features of Elementor

It has many standard features to build your site the way that you want. The following features can bring the utmost web building experience:

1. Drag and Drop Editor

It has the fastest and intuitive editor to drag, drop, and customize. The editor eliminates the guesswork involved in writing codes. You can freely work on the draft while maintaining the separately published version on the live site. 

2. WooCommeerce builder

Elementor has everything that you need to build your product page. Some of the widgets that you find at Elementor are Add to cart button, product price, product image, upsells, breadcrumbs, etc. you can place the widgets anywhere on the site the homepage of the popup.

The widget options include pop-ups, countdown timer, Flipbox, etc.

3. Flawless workflow

Elementor has all the tools that can optimize flawless workflow. There is a compact code optimized for every device. Some of the convenient tools include hotkeys, finder, autosave, draft mode, copy style, etc. In-line editing features allow you to type directly on the screen

4. Design technique streamlining

You can save the elements that you create on the elementor and reuse them on other pages. You can import or export the entire site via a JSON file. 

5. Integrations

You can integrate your site with the favorite marketing and CRM tools. Elementor has a complete set of essential integrations from social networks to email marketing software. Some of the marketing tools include Aweber, MailChimp, Drip, ActiveCampaign, Zapier, etc.

Elementor Design Elements

Design elements are the fundamentals that you need for all the designs. There are over 80 design elements in Elementor. Here are some of the design elements to use for your site:

1. Global fonts and colors

You can set the fonts of your choices and use them whenever you need them in a single click. You can also define as many colors as you want and apply anywhere on your site.

2. Background gradients and videos

You can add interesting background videos to the selected sections. It is easier to add background gradients colors top any of the WordPress page or post. You can customize responsive background images and set its position and size. 

3. CSS Filters

Graphical effects like blur or color shift enhance the appearance of your site. With the CSS filters of Elementor, you can play around with the image with amazing effects. 

4. Motion Effects and Icons

Elementor has motion effects like scrolling and mouse effects to add interactions and animations to your site. You can upload and browse thousands of amazing icons. 

Elementor also has SVG Icons to create smart, flexible, and light icons of any size. 

5. Elementor Canvas

By switching to Elementor canvas, you can design the entire landing page in Elementor, without dealing with the header or footer.

Elementor-a Developer-Friendly Tool

Elementor has everything that developers need. The websites built with Elementor are RTL ready and you can trigger the tasks via the command line flush CSS, replace URLs, sync library, and many more. 

Elementor is built with optimization as the primary. So only scripts used are loaded. It has the request parameters to track the user data and pass-through Elementor. You can go back or switch between the versions in simple clicks. With beta access, you can fix the issues even before release. 

Elementor Hello Theme

It is one of the fastest WordPress themes that is 100% compatible with Elementor. It is all the time updated and up to speed.

Elementor Hello Theme loads your landing pages in milliseconds thereby improving conversions. It is lighter than the other themes and supports all the popular WordPress plugins. It has RTL supported and developer-friendly code. 

Elementor Resources to Explore

Here are some of the elementor resources to take your website building experience to the next level. 

1. 3rd party Elementor Add-ons

There are many third-party add-ons contributed by third-party developers to enrich the Elementor functionality and enrich user experience. With Elementor Pro, you can get even more add-ons in a single pack.

2. Elementor and WordPress hosting

You can get reliable and trustworthy hosting packages that are compatible with Elementor. It has some of the renowned hosting platforms like SiteGround, Bluewheel, Flywheel, Kinsta, WP Engine, etc.

3. Elementor Tutorials

You can become a skilled Elementor designer with the help of in-depth articles and resources. It has step-by-step tutorials, video tutorials, docs, and FAQs to get the information that you need.  

Elementor Pricing

Elementor has convenient pricing plans like Free, personal, plus, and expert. A 30-day money-back guarantee can be availed on all the purchases. The free plan enables you to access 40+ basic widgets and 30+ basic templates. Elementor Pro speeds up your workflow with professional tools. 

Elementor Pro is just an upgrade to Elementor and you can start where you left off after the upgrade. An expert plan is more convenient for the designers to create and deliver 1000 sites for the clients.

Wrap Up

Elementor minimizes the hassles and optimizes the fun and strive to deliver significant websites to cope with the ongoing trends of web technologies. Build a site with features that can hook your audience better than competitors. Elementor is available in over 50 languages and is compatible with translation plugins like WPML and Ploylang.

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